Welcome to The Menard Country Club TO-GO Night!


This week we will be offering another family favorite, Shepherd’s Pie.

Made with layers of

- ground beef

- green beans

- corn

- potatoes

- topped with yummy gooey cheese



We are following all sanitation guidelines to our full ability. Our priority is keeping everyone healthy, safe, and hopefully happily fed.


This is for to-go pick up food only. Food will come cold in oven ready containers for you to heat up when you are ready.

Shepherds Pie Dinner 5/14

  • We will have a pickup line in the main parking lot in front of the club.

    • Please line up behind the other cars when you arrive.
    • Please do not get out of your cars when in line to keep things moving along smoothly.


    If you would like, you can send us a text to let us know you are on the way, but not necessary. 


    • Preheat Oven to 350

    • Cover with foil and heat for 25-30 mins

    • Remove from oven and serve



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